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  • See the solar panels that brought us night-time care and refrigerated medicines for the first time.
  • See the tower you helped to bring us water on site for the first time.
  • Let us introduce you to some of the new moms and their babies.
  • Hear the story of the founding of the clinic by Founder, Fidele Dhan, and updates of Fidele's
    July 10, 2022 month-long trip to the clinic.


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Make checks payable to South Sudan Villages Clinic, PO Box 1226, Buffalo, NY 14240

Or contact Ginny Donohue, 315-374-3426, ginnydonohue99@gmail.com.

Take a tour of the clinic, and welcome Fidele home!

  • Become a Naming Champion Sponsor at $5,000 level:  Gifts at this level are transformative and provide health care visits to 5000 patients through the rainy season (media recognition, invitations and at event, and will be asked to speak for the event)
  • Become a Clinic Sustainer at the $2,500 level: Gifts at this level represent an extraordinary commitment to our operations, supporting every facet of our community health. 10 – 12 gifts at this level support our health care workers, medicines/immunizations, clinic maintenance for a year. (recognition in media  & at event)
  • Become a Founder’s Circle Member at the $1,000 level: Gifts at this level support the mission of the founder, Fidele Dhan. (receive recognition at event)
  • Become a Community Sponsor at the $500 level: This level underwrites a week’s support for hands-on health care 24/7 – for disease prevention and treatment for many individuals and patient visits. The clinic supports over 1,500 patient visits per month. (receive recognition at event) 
  • Become a Child Health Sponsor at the $250 level: providing healthcare for 200 children – 24/7

JOIN US !  for a Virtual Event

August 25 at 6:00 pm