For a printable flier you can use with a fundraiser, click here.  This is a great project for college groups, church groups and other clubs who want to support life-saving medical care in Africa.

Top Ways to Support Our Clinic with a Fundraiser

South Sudan Villages Clinic


Founded: 2006

Clinic Opened: April 2019

Fidele Dhan, Founder​ - 

a 501(c)3 Organization


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How Can you Help? 

1. Hold an Online Fundraiser!  Crowdfunding is a method of fundraising that lets individuals and organizations raise money for the South Sudan Villages Clinic by asking their online network for donations.  It's simple to use your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Email lists to spread the word about your fundraising project for our clinic.

2. Like and Share our Posts and Facebook Page.  We accept donations through GoFundMe, PayPal and Facebook to allow everyone the opportunity to support life-saving clinic services in Africa.

3. Ask your employer about matching gifts. You can double your donation and double the impact you have on the people of South Sudan Villages.  Corporations often reward employees who participate in fundraisers.  The company will match a portion or all the funds an employee raises for the event.

4. A 50/50 raffle for South Sudan Villages Clinic is the perfect fundraiser because it doesn’t require any upfront costs. The winner of this raffle receives half of the funds raised, and the Clinic keeps the rest.  Not only is it inexpensive, but donors will enjoy contributing and watching the prize money get higher and higher with every donation.  Contact us about how to submit the 50% raised.

5. Host a Trivia Night to Benefit South Sudan Villages Clinic.  Put your friends & members to the test with a trivia night! You can partner with a local restaurant or coffee shop or host in your resident hall or sorority home.  Charge an entry fee and all donations benefit our clinic.

6. Host a Fundraising Night at a Favorite Restaurant.  Many restaurants will host fundraising events where a % of the money raised will go towards a charity - and the South Sudan Villages Clinic would love to receive the donation.  Since your friends are already going to these restaurants, it's easy to plan and promote!

Celebrating the opening of South Sudan Villages Clinic - Koiyom Clinic in April 2019. Medicines have arrived and medical staff are busy. We have 2 Physician Assistants and 2 Nurses and have been flooded with over 50 patients per day.  If this trend continues we will be the busiest medical clinic in the region. 

All 7 beds in the clinic are filled with patients suffering from Malaria or waterborne illnesses who are unable to return home.  We need additional medical supplies and simple hospital beds to provide basic life-saving care now. These villagers have no other medical care or access.   

Save a life.  Please make a donation today! #donate