With a new approach, South Sudan Villages Clinic is wiping off the thin veil of dust from its doors to officially open and train village employees. To hire three roles at the clinic, a physician’s assistant, a midwife and a community health worker as well as collect the necessary medical supplies is only $18,000 a year. $9,000 has already been raised in 2018.

“We want to find four or five colleges that would like to be part of this effort to fundraise $5,000 a year,”said Ginny.“We already have one college that committed- Saint Bonaventure University who were inspired by Fidele’s mission. His story and passion have influenced so many, and we hope to grow and move the clinic forward.”

Where once stood a lost boy who mustered the courage to run away from home emerges an adult with the vision to heal suffering villagers by returning to his native land.  But the staggering story behind the South Sudan Villages Clinic is missing another protagonist: You.

Through your generous contribution, life-saving basic healthcare can be administered to hundreds of children and adults in 2019 and beyond.  A full 100 percent of your gift goes directly to the clinic.

To send a donation, Donate Online at www.paypal.me/southsudanclinic or email info@southsudanvillagesclinic.org, call 315-374-3426 Ginny Donohue or 716-715-5840 Fidele Dhan or mail a check to: South Sudan Villages Clinic - P.O. Box 1226 - Buffalo,NY 14240-1226.

The Lost Boy of Sudan Brings Healthcare Home:

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A victim of Sudan’s Civil War runs away from home as a child only to come back years later bringing the first form of healthcare to his village.

They flee, thousands migrating in a desperate panic under the piercing hot South Sudan sun searching for pockets of water, trying to outrun the bullet of a gun and the grip of deadly disease.

They’re not roaming antelope or grazing buffalo.  They’re the small feet of lost children.  Walking for 4 months to escape enslavement, 9-year-old Fidele Dhan was one of those fortunate to escape the clutches of NorthSudan militia to a refugee camp. But around him, children were still dying from something their small feet couldn’t flee from anymore: malaria, respiratory illnesses and cholera.

A kaleidoscope of gut-wrenching memories from Sudan’s Civil War in 1987 followed Fidele like a shadow, even when he was eventually able to relocate to Buffalo,N.Y through the help of a Catholic priest.

Years later, graduating from University at Buffalo witha psychology major, Fidele knew he needed to return to his home village of Koiyom. In 2006, he saved up enough money to secure a plane ticket and reunite with his siblings and mother. 

“When I arrived home, villagers would come to me late at night with their sick children seeking treatment thinking I could somehow help, that I practice medicine,” said Fidele. “No one in my village has ever met a doctor.”

The mountain of pleading medical requests weighed on Fidele as he stared out the plane window on his flight back to Buffalo. Something must be done.

“‘But who will hear me? ’I thought.”   A compelled Ginny Donohue and a willing Father Ron Sajdak did.  Father Sajdak and Reaching Out 2 Africa took on the tremendous challenge of constructing a seven-room clinic to develop the Koiyom Clinic, the South Sudan Villages Clinic.

Although construction is complete, the building is empty. For 7 years the seven-room facility hasn’t opened due to a lack of staff.  Through research and various resources, Fidele and Ginny are prepared to combat the challenge of hiring employees. By examining other successful health initiatives in South Sudan, a solution was found. The clinic will use a community health approach to provide medical training to workers from the villages to handle 85 percent of medical diseases with a focus on prevention.